Ima chew the fat a little.

Alrighty, in the previous post I layed out my idea and now i’m going to get into the nitty gritty; tell you what’s what. In its simplest form, a festival featuring a  range of music, food and beer; ultimately promoting unity and embracing multiculturalism at the same time as being patriotic. The initial drive behind this comes from the realisation that there are indeed a number of successful music festivals circulating, but food and beer festivals remain more humble, on a smaller scale perhaps spread over a week or two. So we’d be looking at the kind of venues that Big Day Out use, showgrounds for example. The majority of people are familiar with music festivals, the layouts and such. I intend this to be similar, but not be all about music, to have sections perhaps; gig stages, beer gardens, tents of various foods. An idea that I would like to develop to be an outstanding feature is that of a giant barbeque. I’m thinking, and i’ll draw up something for it at a later date, of having rows of hotplates where people can walk between, designated barbquers will be present, celebrities perhaps.

Here we have an image of “world’s biggest barbeque” – Uruguay.



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